About (Created May 2021, Updated September 2021)

How Am I Starting Over? And why am I starting over again?

Let me count the ways. So much has changed since I first posted this only four months ago!

  1. By getting a divorce
    1. Process started 9 months ago, with end not yet in sight! I’m still getting a divorce but the end is now in sight
  2. By moving back into the house where I grew up… I’m still living in the same house where I grew up but now I’m living here alone!
    1. With my mom who has lived there for nearly 60 years!
  3. By learning how to take care of an 85-year-old woman She is now being cared for by other PROFESSIONAL people
    1. Who has been mostly on her own for the past 15 years
    1. Who no longer has depth perception or peripheral vision
    1. And now has Alzheimer’s disease and aortic stenosis!
  4. By returning to my L.A. area roots after 15 years in Tennessee I may be leaving behind someday soon this standard concrete suburb close to a beach and a big city and trading it in for the smallest of the four cities in Michigan that employ a full time Historic Preservation Coordinator!
    1. Back to a standard concrete suburb close to a beach and a big city
    1. Leaving a fascinating town in a semi-rural area close to a small city with a major (in the Southern sense) university!