Speedbump in the Road

Metaphorically speaking, that’s the excuse I’m going to use for extended delay in Places of My Life posts.

It happened when I started writing L, M, N, O and P.  Well, really just the first two but I’m kind of obsessive about posting in alphabetical order i.e. meeting the “requirements” of the “A to Z Blogging Challenge” in format if not on schedule i.e. within the month of April.

Aside from the standard excuse of “life happens,” which I could so use right now, I would like to add that I was speeding down the road to completing the challenge, which was not easy considering the length of the posts I wrote.  When I reached L and M, and started drafting those entries at my breakneck speed, I found that I needed to slow myself down to more carefully consider the material and thoughts I really wanted to convey.  The post I started for L included Las Vegas, Laughlin, and Lake Tahoe (plus nearby Reno).  These are all cities in Nevada where I spent a lot of time and/or where momentous life events took place.  After some consideration, I dropped the last three cities and decided to limit myself to my Vegas experiences alone.

While I was considering and deciding on this truncation, I also started my M post in hopes that I would not fall further behind on the schedule.  I copied and pasted my usual plagiarized from Wikipedia background info on Malad City, Idaho, the very un-L.A.(which I could also have written about as a Place of My Life) town where my husband lived and completed high school in 1972 (same year as me) before rebelling against his parents and moving to So Cal with one of his older brothers.  (Husband is baby of his family.)

I then went back to work on the Las Vegas post, where I had written a couple of stories including (1) how it was the weekend getaway destination for my parents when Sis and I were little; (2) a memory of one of my earliest trips there with them and (3) how the Circus Circus Hotel and Casino provided entertainment for three family generations simultaneously on at least a couple of my kids’ school holidays.  Those stories had already made the post way too long, which defeated my prior purpose.  I also came to realize that I should limit the places of my life to the Places of MY life alone, that MY life and the development of MY thoughts and attitudes really happened before I became a parent.  They also happened before I finally met my husband, when we were both 34 years old, and the majority didn’t involve my parents very much, either.

There you have it.  After reaching this conclusion, I knew that my M post would not be about Malad but will instead be about Mexico.  Meanwhile, as I said, life is happening and actually kind of piling on right about now and for the next few weeks.  I have decided, then, to reprioritize my efforts from my writing to my real life, at least for that time period.  I do solemnly promise and swear and affirm, though, to get back to conveying the effects of the Places of My Life ASAP after that.  You do believe me, don’t you?