Old Fart Friday – Oops! I’m so old I published this on Thursday!! Mea culpa

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This comes from Beliefnet, one of my favorite websites and especially good fodder for this weekly feature.
 One of these days I’ll take the time and effort to figure out how to copy and revise so my plagiarism won’t be so apparent.

At  least I have given credit where credit is due.  Full disclosure – I have not yet read the Martin Luther (King) comparison but expect it will be thought provoking for my fearless readers.  The latter term was lifted from or at least suggested by Trader Joe’s flyers.

Who Said It: Martin Luther or Martin Luther King?
Martin Luther and Martin Luther King, Jr. were both celebrated leaders of major movements that forever changed our world. Both gave voice to the voiceless, unafraid to speak up about crucial issues of…Click To View!
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“Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.”

Old Fart Friday – Who knew Shannon Dougherty could be such a philosopher?

“If God wanted us to be naked, why did he invent sexy lingerie?”

– Shannon Doherty

Although she doesn’t speak for me personally as I have outgrown the sexy lingerie I bought for my courtship and honeymoon nearly 25 years ago to the day. Our silver wedding anniversary is January 9. We were married in Hawaii so a swimsuit was more appropriate anyway!

What inspired my title and tagline?

What inspired my title and tagline?

After 59 and a half years of traveling along this crazy journey of life, I’ve reached the point where I feel comfortable keeping my own counsel in just about any situation. I hope others can learn something from my experience. If what I have to say has any value to anyone, I hope that my self-evident truths will be evident to them, too.

I know that my journey is not over. By my estimation, I have probably lived only two thirds of my life to this point. That means I should have another 25 or so years to go before I reach the end of this road. In that time, I don’t want to cut myself off from learning new truths from others and possibly tweaking some of my own as a result.

Representing my journey at this point - 2/3 complete with one third to go heading into sunny skies with possibly some mountains still to climb
Representing my journey at this point – 2/3 complete with one third to go heading into sunny skies with possibly some mountains still to climb


Who I am and Why I’m here – Blogging 101 Assignment

I’ve been fiddling around with wordpress for a few months now so had pretty much already established this info on my home (or is it about?) page which I think everybody can get to so they can see for themselves.  Please ignore the size of my picture there, though.  My ego is not that large so eventually I think I’ll at least try to convert that picture to thumbnail size.

As instructed, I’m adding tags, also from homepage + blogging101.

Hope to meet and chat with some of you in the commons, as soon as I register, of course!