My Divorce Saga has FINALLY ended

Unofficial timeline November 2019-November 2021

Official timeline June 2020 (he filed)-September 2021 (court approved)

I might need to update my About page again!

It started, from my perspective when my now finally ex-husband, without warning, hired a lawyer.  From his perspective it had started from a (false – as many of his were) assumption that I had decided to be the “first to file” after a pre-Thanksgiving get-together with my GFFs (Girlfriends Forever aka “The Bubbles” from how they finagled to get together during the pandemic) the year before. Apparently, he got tired of waiting for me to proceed with what he’d really wanted to do! 

Then, to add insult to injury, the coward called me, expecting only to leave a message informing me of his dastardly deed.  Too bad for him, I answered the phone thus forcing him to stammer and hem and haw through his weak and mainly false assessment of my state of mind and confess to starting down the path to his third divorce!  The conversation ended with him meekly informing me that the paperwork, which he expected I would immediately accept with no questions asked, was on its way by snail mail.

The Idiot!  After thirty years, he should have known better than to expect me to go quietly, on his terms and without seeking advice and guidance from someone who was better prepared than I to protect my interests.  That turned out to be, not surprisingly, a lady lawyer.  And he couldn’t understand why it was taking me so long to just fold up my tent, accept his offer, and go home to my mother, where I, conveniently for him, happened to already be. 

Then … COVID. Saga may be continued in a later post if I’m still having trouble processing it or if I need to vent or if I decide to continue to stalk him or … ?

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Well, at least semi-free. Amazing how someone as stupid as he is keeps finding stuff he needs me to do to completely unhitch us because the poor baby just can’t figure out how to to do it himself, or really even to realize that somebody besides me and help him. I would leave him to his own devices if it didn’t mean more delays in getting what’s coming to me!


When those thoughts start to bubble up, I just repeat my new mantra. I don’t love him. I don’t like him. I don’t want to ever see him again.” If only he didn’t keep finding stuff that keeps us tied together, even if only by the thinnest of threads.

I hope you and yours are safe and well and as happy as possible given the f’ed up state of the world. Would love to take a walk or take in an outdoor concert or even coffee together sometime, weather permitting!

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It seems you’re not stranger to messy decouplings. Am I right?

Thanks for the exhortation and cheering me on to get through that final gate.

PS Looking forward to potential expansion of your stories and words to a new platform/medium. Possible even print?

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