My starting over is starting over again

A lot has happened in the last four months since I told you about myself and why I’m starting over.

About (Created May 2021, Updated September 2021) – Starting Over (

I’m still getting a divorce but the end is now in sight!

I’m still living in the same house where I grew up but now I’m living here alone!

I may be leaving behind someday soon this standard concrete suburb close to a beach and a big city and trading it in for the smallest of the four cities in Michigan that employ a full time Historic Preservation Coordinator!

These are just the placeholder headlines with details to follow.  Have I piqued anyone’s interest here?

15 replies on “My starting over is starting over again”

Same to you, with recovery from your knee replacement and other changes that are happening for you right now i.e. your son moving away again. Life goes on, things change and happen, and we just roll with the punches as best we can.


Thanks. Rolling with the punches living day to day is how my life goes these days. It helps to hear from a sister traveler. Thanks. My knee is healing well but my stamina is returning slowly. Aging has a lot to say for that. I just have to pace myself.

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I don’t know that exciting is the word I would use. It is what it is and I’m hoping for some excitement (which I consider a good thing) down the road. Whatever and whenever and wherever, thanks for the good luck wish.

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Starting over may feel daunting at times, but it’s such a wonderful experience when you go for it with excitement, enthusiasm and the knowing that this is now in your hands to do whatever you wish! Love the new blog. I’m following and here if you need anything.

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Thanks Chel. Not sure I’m looking forward to yours with all those boys! Then again I’ve only been around girls so…And the fact that you are a teacher, or at least work in a school as I recall, confirms you are a saint, maybe even LDS if I’m guessing correctly?

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