Depth – Do I have any?

The first thought that came to my mind when the Daily Prompt – Depth showed up in my email (and is now two days old) was related to a story I saw just last night on this month old episode of Botched.  The titleSeeing Double, actually refers to ” the world’s most identical twins”, who clearly have no depth, like many of the “eccentric” i.e. crazy people who appear on these “reality” shows.  Personally, I think they all have way too much money and not a care about how they throw it away on stuff, like plastic surgery, that all of us sane people would consider to be more than wasteful, especially when there are so many unemployed, homeless, bankrupted because they couldn’t pay their medical bills people among us.  See my other post today Happiness is being a carefree Old Fart to see why I don’t care about not keeping up with this and other time filling activities.

No, the part of this episode where the word “depth” really  meant something for me was the story about the fitness enthusiast and nasal spray addict, who needed to have her nose fixed for the past 36 years, since she had broken it diving into a pool at a depth of only four feet as a stupidly carefree seventeen year old.  Even at that age, and probably younger, I at least had the sense not to do something dangerous and risky like that.  What was she thinking?!

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