Is Age Just A Number? What Do You Learn From This Quiz?

As I am mentally preparing to make some changes in my daily routines, I made a conscious decision to let my weekly feature, OFF, slip for a day or two, in hopes that I might come across a good, thought-provoking email, post or link that would not require much embellishment or comment from me.

Well, Eureka, I finally found it!  It’s a link in an email from my mom that she sent twice.  I usually skim this type of message from her but, since she sent it twice, I decided to dig a little deeper into this one.  It turned out to be a longevity calculator., meant to estimate life expectancy based on answers to 13 questions.

Until the last month or so, I enjoyed taking those totally unscientific and usually offbeat surveys, usually opened through links from facebook friends, that were supposed to tell me what my hippie name should be or what Disney character I am.  I started this one with the same type of WTF/WTH attitude I take when I do those weird fun ones, with the hope that it would arrive at a predicted life span of 90 years.  That’s my own personal prediction and goal and, with little manipulation on my part, the result actually came to 91.

I’m including Mom’s entire message in this post.  She and Dad (along with Uncle, Aunt, Cousin, Great-Uncles, Great-Aunts and Bubbie/Grandma) all had careers in the insurance business.  Nowadays I don’t trust the insurance companies anymore than I trust most other big businesses, but I thought her comments were particularly telling in light of how out of touch she now is with the industry.

Longevity calculator. Watch your age in the upper right corner!

Kinda fun to watch your age go up and down as you answer the questions. It’s interesting.

How long will you live? This is a calculator that estimates your life expectancy.

It was developed by Northwestern Mutual Life. It’s interesting that there are only
13 questions, yet they can predict how long you’re likely to live.

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