Those who don’t learn from the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them

An email from the Sorbonne (Paris).

I am fresh pressing or reposting or whatever the above from a blogger I follow who I consider to be a fellow old fart (sorry!).  Her vintage is 1956.  Note the comment from vivachange1957.  I am vintage 1955 so I guess many of us old farts like to hang together!?

This action is a backhanded through truly meant compliment and mazel tov to this lovely lady/mature student as well as an appreciation of some more fine and thought-provoking poetry that emerged from a terrible historical event, in this case WWI.  Many of the literary gems that emerged from WWI are based on first-hand accounts of the horrors from which these authors emerged.  I have noticed that some recent best-sellers have the same source material, though these soldier-authors are seeing the same casualties of war on turf that is farther from home i.e. Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, parts of Africa.

If only some of the Muslim terrorists, or at least the varying Muslim factions or other radical religious or sectarian warriors, would look more closely at the devastation they leave behind, instead of expecting heavenly rewards or more power or whatever “reasons” they’re giving themselves for leaving all this pain behind, maybe it would humanize them enough to stop it!  If they would put themselves in the shoes of the survivors of this devastation, and learn these lessons of history, maybe they would see how futile their actions are!?

I will try to revert to more humorous entries for this weekly feature in the near future.  By way of excuse and apology, I am almost finished with the second WWII-based book being read and discussed in the last several months by my Fiction Book Club, and I also recently saw “Unbroken” after completing that book.  From these sources I learned that, amazingly and unfortunately, peoples from entirely different cultures and on opposite sides of the globe, committed the same types of atrocities against their fellow human beings, and it just made me sad.

One thought on “Those who don’t learn from the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them”

  1. Thanks for the reprint. I’ve never read that poem, and I’m glad to have done so now.

    The cyclical nature of history probably reflects the slowness of evolution. We have better technology, but our emotions and motives aren’t different from those of our Cro-Magnon ancestors.

    I’m not altering the axiom to be cynical, but I think that even those who DO learn the lessons of history remain doomed to repeat them.


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